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Tukwila Elementary School Public Art Project

This project was done In collaboration with the UW Public Art Curriculum, an innovative interdisciplinary program chaired by sculptor John Young that involves art, architecture, design, and landscape architecture students in creating large-scale environmental art.

As a follow-up to the Sites of Learning design charrette, children at Tukwila Elementary School proposed ideas for a public art installation in front of their newly completed school.  The children made paper models of their ideas and hung them as mobiles in the stairwell of the new school.

Forty-five public art students then incorporated the children's ideas into their own design for an interactive 50-foot-diameter plaza, a colorful mosaic map of the world with earth mounds to indicate a giant animal's paw stepping on the world.

The art installation, which students completed in June 2001, was funded by Tukwila's Percent for Art budget for supplies and construction expenses.  Christina Merkelbaum (architecture) served as the graduate research assistant.