A House and Neighborhood for Kiwis
Summer and Fall 1999

To gain an understanding of the building activities that were occurring outside, five first-, third-, and fourth-grade classes in the two schools that were under construction worked with a team of architecture and education students.

The children built a House for a Kiwi, using rigid insulation as the foundation, popsicle sticks as the framing, and paper or fabric as the skin.  They loaded weights onto the completed Kiwi Houses to test their load bearing capacity, which was often significant.

The children then wrote essays about their houses, assessing their functional and artistic qualities, as well as their own work process.  Finally, each of the five classes created a long single class drawing of a Neighborhood for Kiwis.

Graduate research assistants for this project included John Ambrosio (education), Brendan Connolly (architecture), and Sein Dee Konieczny (education).
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