CEEDS undertook the Color, Light, and Space program in partnership with the Bellevue Art Museum's 2000-2001 Arts Immersion Program.  It celebrated architect Steven Holl's new building for the museum, which opened in January 2001.

The program offered an opportunity for middle school students and teachers to experience Holl's building first-hand during in a fieldtrip to the museum.  Afterwards during two classroom sessions, they explored some of its design concepts through hands-on experimentation with color, light, and texture.

In the first session, students viewed images to see how colors interact with each other and with light to create a various moods.  Then, working in teams, they selected a mood to explore through a three-dimensional model.  Finally, they painted colors and textures on inserts that would eventually form three walls, as well as the floor and ceiling of their model.

In the second session, students applied the inserts to their model and then cut a single opening to bring light into the model.  They photographed the interior of their model, asking their classmates to guess mood they had created and thenn writing essays to describe it.

The students had a choice of eight moods, each of which came with a pre-mixed color palate, including:

Two graduate teaching assistants in architecture, Katharine Van Anda and Michael J. Buragas, designed and led the classroom sessions, working in a total of thirty classes representing each of the district's eight middle schools.  The program was funded by Bellevue Schools Foundation.

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