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Spring 2008

Common Threads Farm (CTF) is a new educational farm on Lummi Island, Washington.  CTF seeks to heighten ecological literacy by exposing children and adults to solar energy, natural building techniques, water catchments, farm-based nutrition, and sustainable agriculture.

Director Laura Plaut conceived the charrette as a means to explore how the farm's design might advance such literacy, while also building community.  To this end, CEEDS held two charrettes, one with fourth- to sixth-grade students, another with educators, farmers, gardeners, ecologists, parents, designers, and builders.

To help nurture a commitment to living in harmony with nature, participants agreed that the design should:

Participants envisioned two alternative approaches to building community, one with a courtyard at the center, another with gardens at the center, both approaches with tightly clustered buildings to limit infrastructure and maintain an open feel.

Until construction funds can be raised, CTF is offering numerous outdoor educational programs.